Our violinists debuted in Finland

Two violin students of Liana Tretiakova – Sophie Branson and Alexandra Taub – have performed with the St Michel Strings Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Ho Chung Yeh at the concert hall Mikaeli in Finland in February this year.

Saturday, February 17th, was a very special day for our young violinists Sophie Branson (16 y.o.) and Alexandra Taub (15 y.o.): it was their first performance in Finland which was given at Mikaeli – one of the most beautiful contemporary concert halls in the country. The concert was dedicated to Mozart, and our students have played two of his violin concerts: KV 216 Violin Concerto in G-Major (Sophie) and KV 218 Violin Concerto in D-Major (Alexandra).

The audience loved the young Swiss violinists and gave them long-lasting warm applause. What’s also remarkable about this concert is that the young musicians were invited as soloists – which tell a lot about their professional qualification despite the young age.

Sophie Branson, for example, played the Concerto in G-Major on stage with an orchestra for a third time in three months: first two times she did it at the Tonhalle Zürich in December 2022, and the third time was in Finland. Alexandra Taub has a serious concert performance experience as well – including performances with an orchestra.

We are very happy that the debut concert in Finland went well and we wish the young musicians further achievements in their lives!

Photo credit: Shlomo Ashkenazi