Since the very foundation in 2010 our school of music has been supported by some of the greatest musicians of our time
I am deeply convinced that the pedagogical approach of Zakhar Bron must be continued. I am very happy that young teachers, who have absorbed the method of the famous professor are working under his supervision.
This is exactly the kind of music education which is offered by the Zakhar Bron School of Music. And this is why with great pride I am becoming an Honorary Member of the School and giving my full support to the young talents and their teachers.
Professor Bron has brought up a whole generation of violinists. The list of soloists, orchestra concertmasters and professors who emerged from his studio and are now making music all over the world is endless.
Thanks to my parents and teachers, from a very early age I have been fortunate to be able to connect with many people through Music. That’s why I am happy to support this new school, which will bring up a new generation of wonderful musicians.
The newly opened Zakhar Bron School of Music, which continues the great Russian violin tradition, takes a unique and important position among all the musical education institutions of the Canton of Zurich.
I am extremely supportive of the new Zakhar Bron School and would like to wish him and his students a lot of happiness, success and inspiration in the service of Music.
It is with great pleasure that I write about the Zakhar Bron School of Music, an institution in which my children have the privilege of studying. The School employs young but accomplished professionals, who are putting a lot of energy and dedication into their work.
At the first lesson with Mrs Liana Tretiakova I saw the reaction of my daughter and understood, that this would probably be the only person I would trust to teach my child. When it comes to the studies of my own child I will make no compromises!