Zurich Music Competition: 5 prizes earned by our string students

At the Zurich Music Competition, which took place last Saturday at the Zurich Music Conservatory (MKZ), our advanced string students achieved remarkable success, securing three 1st prizes and two 3rd prizes in the violin solo and cello solo categories in different age groups.

Notably, Theofania Archontopoulou and Benjamin Branson, cello students of Payam Taghadossi, claimed 1st prizes in different age groups within the cello solo category. Timmy Wang, a young violinist under Inna Khriplovich, earned the 1st prize in the violin solo category.

Additionally, Olessia Quintin de Kercadio (violin, class of Alexander Kuznetsov) and Tatjana Filimonova (violin, class of Inna Khriplovich) each secured a 3rd prize in the same category.

A special mention goes to Theofania and Timmy, who achieved a perfect score of 60 out of 60 points, marking a truly outstanding accomplishment!