Sophie Branson performs Vivaldi’s Summer with chamber orchestra in Geneva

During the first week of the 2018/2019 academic year, a 12 year old student of ZBSM Sophie Branson (studio of Liana Tretiakova), participated in two projects in Geneva, performing the Summer from the Vivaldi’s famous cycle Four Seasons.

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From August 21st until August 23rd ZBSM student Sophie Branson took part in the project organised by the Music Studio Kodaly in Geneva. A chamber orchestra, formed by the teachers and the students of the Kodaly Studio, presented the universally beloved Vivaldi’s cycle on Wednesday and Thursday evenings within the frame of the Festive’Baroqueries at the Art Center l’Espace Velodrome. Sophie performed the Summer, which is famous for its dramatic last movement “The Thunderstorm”. The other solo violin parts were presented by the most advanced students of the Studio Kodali and the two young violinists from Hungary.

On August 26th Sophie had the honour to perform with the chamber orchestra Soloists of Neuchatel, conducted by the ensemble’s founder and artistic director Sergei Ostrovsky at the closing concert of the festival L’Ete du Parc Bertrand. Sergei Ostrovsky is a musician of unique versatility, who combines a successful solo career with being the founder and the first violin of the Aviv Quartet, holding the Professorship at the Music University of Geneva and teaching at Masterclasses in France, Spain, Israel and Switzerland. On the beautiful late summer day the audience was full of music lovers of all ages. In the first half of the concert Sergei treated the listeners with a beautiful interpretation of the Haydn Violin Concerto. Second half was dedicate to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Performing next to such an accomplished musician was an amazing experience for our young student! Sophie’s expressive sound and phrasing of the lyrical second movement and the exciting fast tempo of the finale were appreciated by the listeners, who rewarded her and the Soloists of Neuchatel by enthusiastic applause.

In the last part of the cycle, The Winter, the audience was surprised by the debut of Sergey Ostrovsky’s 9 year old daughter Maya, who performed the second movement of the concerto. The chemistry between father and daughter combined with Maya’s authentic stage presence charmed the audience from the first notes.

We congratulate the girls on the successful performance!