1st Prize at the „Rising Stars 2016“ goes to Ilva Eigus

Our sincere congratulations to Ilva Eigus, a student of Liana Tretiakova, who has won the First Prize in the Junior category 8-10 years old at the music competition "Rising Stars 2016" that took place on February 26-28 in Riga, Latvia.

Ilva has been honored to perform at the Gala Concert in the historical Riga Philharmonic Hall. She showed quite some courage on the big stage, explaining why she did not agree with the Chair of the Jury Mr.Michail Kazinik. After he claimed during the Master class that the character of Stravinsky’s La Chanson Russe was merely “a joke”, Ilva insisted during her appearance at the Philharmonic that for her it rather felt like a lyrical song.