1st and 2nd prizes for our piano students

Two piano students of the Zakhar Bron School of Music (both students of Slava Spiridonov) won prestigious prizes at international music competitions in Belarus and Italy this year.

Lisa Bondareva went to Minsk (Belarus) to participate in the international music competition Lemari, that took place in April 2019. She happily returned to Switzerland with the 1st prize. Considering that it was her first competition of such magnitude that was a super success!

Later this year, in June, another student of Slava Spiridonov, Dan Blank, went to the Italian city Grosseto to participate in the Second International Piano Competition Recondite Armonie. He performed four classical piano pieces and was awarded the 2nd prize. Besides he was offered the opportunity to perform at the final concert of the competition at the Municipal Theatre of Grosseto in August, which he did with pleasure.

For our piano teacher Slava Spiridonov the 2018/2019 academic school year was very fruitful. Earlier this year at the Swiss National Music Competition six of his students won five 2nd and one 1st prize. So altogether this year his students won eight prestigious awards: two 1st prizes and six 2nd prizes. Our congratulations to Slava and his prize-winning students!