Three top prizes at the Zurich Music Competition

Duos from the Zakhar Bron School of Music won one 1st prize and two 2nd prizes at the annual Zurich Music Competition, which was held on November 8.

The first prize was won by the duo of Arkady Brunner (piano, age 10) and Benjamin Branson (cello, age 11), which scored 59 out of a possible 60 points. The second prize was shared by the duo of Nikita Koller (violin, age 10) and Ephraim Taub (cello, age 10) with the duo of violinists Emily Euschen (age 7) and Tatjana Filimonova (age 8). Each of these duos scored 58 points.

The prizes were won in the first age category of duos (up to 11 years). Our sincere congratulations go to the ZBSM teachers who did a remarkable job and made these excellent results possible for their students: Christophe Berruex (piano), Matthieu Gutbub (cello), Inna Khriplovich (violin) and Liana Tretiakova (violin). Well done!