Two 1st prizes won at the Central Switzerland Youth Music Competition

Our students Yeva Solodovska (piano) and Marco Bernardis (violin) won first prizes at the Central Switzerland Youth Music Competition that took place in Zug on 19-21 November 2021.

Our first prize-winner Yeva Solodovska (11 years old) is dedicated to become a professional musician. At the Zakhar Bron School of Music she is an advanced program violin and (!) piano student. At the Central Switzerland Youth Music Competition she participated as a pianist and won the first prize.

Despite her young age, Yeva is already an experienced musician – both as a violinist and a pianist. As a violinist, for example, she performed on stage with the Gringolts Quartet at the Saint-Peter’s Church in Zurich and participated in the Monaco String Academy under the patronage of Maxim Vengerov. As a pianist, she won the first prize with distinction in the finale of the Swiss Youth National Music Competition earlier this year – as a member of the EastWest trio (in the picture) – and performed at the Lucerne Music Festival.

For our young violinist Marco Bernardis (11 years old, student of Inna Khriplovich) participation in the Central Switzerland Youth Music Competition turned out to be a very successful debut: it was the first time he participated in this competition and he was awarded the first prize for his brilliant performance! Bravo to Marco – very good result!

Our heartfelt congratulations to the prize-winners, their teachers and their parents! Well done!!!

Photo credit: Priska Ketterer (Lucerne Festival)