Young talents from Russia and Switzerland

In November 2018 two scholarship holders of the Russian Spivakov Foundation visited Switzerland: the pianist Mariamna Sherling and the clarinetist Andrey Ryazantsev. On November 9 and 11 they gave two concerts together with students of the ZBSM, organized by the Zakhar Bron School of Music and the association "Concert Series Marina Korendfeld".

17-year-old Mariamna Sherling shone with two virtuoso pieces from the Romantic era: Frédéric Chopin’s Scherzo No. 4 and Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12. She also accompanied 16-year-old Andrey Ryazantsev, who delighted audiences with the clarinet and piano sonatina by Joseph Horovitz and motifs from Bizet’s opera Carmen. Mariamna and Andrey attend the Gnessinych Music School in Moscow and are both winners of numerous renowned music competitions.

From our school eight students took part in the concerts. They took the audience – including the Russian ambassador Sergei Garmonin and our main sponsors Vladimir Kuznetsov and Olga Malova (Kuma Foundation) – on a journey through time from the Baroque to the 20th century.

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Moe Zürcher, a 14-year-old student of the Zakhar Bron School, opened the program with the famous Chaccone by Vitali. In October 2018, Moe performed the Chaccone and Mazurka by Sergei Prokofiev at the concert in the Menuhin Hall in Bern, organized by the Russian Consulate. She is currently preparing this programme for the national competition in Aargau.

Sophie Branson, 12 years old, took part in the Spivakov Foundation’s Festival “Moscow Meets Friends” and performed at the Bolshoi Theatre this autumn. At the concerts in Switzerland, Sophie presented the first movement of the Bruch Concerto, which she played with profound feeling. The audience was impressed by her emotional maturity and the diversity of her sound.

In a duo with Aurora Gächter, Sophie also played the first movement of the Prokofiev Sonata for Two Violins solo, which the girls are preparing for the Swiss National Competition in March 2019.

Ilva Eigus, 11 years old, interpreted at both concerts the first movement of Lalo’s Spanish Symphony. Her performance was marked by the virtuosity and bright character of Spanish music. In Baden Ilva also played the famous meditation from the opera Thaïs by Massenet and captured the hearts of the audience with the beauty of her sound.

Marc Senn presented the three movements of the Bach Partita in D minor: Allemande, Courante and Sarabande. He inspired the audience with an authentic and deep interpretation of Bach’s music.

Nina Gringolts (10) played Kreisler’s Prelude and Allegro with virtuosity. The audience appreciated the young musician’s charming stage presence.

Aurora Gächter enchanted the listeners in the Kulturhaus Helferei with her very personal, almost mystical reading of the legend of Wieniawski. In the Villa Boveri, Aurora complemented her performance with a brilliant rendering of Wieniawski’s Polonaise.

In addition to the violinists from the Advanced Studies Program of the ZBSM, our very young pianists Eva Solodovskaya and Mila Kovari also took part in the concerts. They took up the challenge confidently and presented virtuoso piano miniatures by Daquin and Debussy.

This is the second year of cooperation between the Zakhar Bron School of Music and the Spivakov Foundation.

Our school invites the scholarship holders of the foundation from Russia to a performance in Switzerland. The first concert series took place in November 2017. In return, the Spivakov Foundation gives our students the opportunity to perform as soloists in such famous Moscow concert halls as the Bolshoi Theatre and the House of Music.