1st prize at the ‘Premio Crescendo’ competition won by our student

Our violin student Lena-Lisa Rosa (9 years old, studio of Inna Khriplovich) has just won the 1st prize at the national music competition ‘Premio Crescendo’ finale in Florence (Italy) in the violin solo category up to 11 years.

The first tour of the competition – where the finalists were selected – was held online, due to Covid-19 limitations. However for the second tour, the finalists were welcomed to Florence, where they performed in a traditional in-person format in front of the jury. The results were announced a few days ago, and we are very happy that our student won the 1st prize!

This is the fourth time that Lena-Lisa has won a 1st prize in Italy: she has previously won at the ‘Sante Centurione’ international competition in Chieti, at the international competition in Penne and at the international competition ‘Prodigi in musica’ in Termoli. Congratulations to Lena-Lisa, to her violin teacher Inna and to her parents! Well done!