Moving to the Jecklin-House

The ZBSM moves to a new location on Pfauen.

Space has been scarce for a long time at our location on Burgweg 7 and we had to start putting new students on a waiting list. For more than a year we searched unsuccessfully for a new place. Then, in February 2017, owing to a personal contact of our president’s, we were offered the chance to move to the Jecklin-House on Pfauen. Three days after our first visit we signed the contract: five rooms on the third floor for one year initially.

For more than a hundred years, Jecklin has been the number one address in Zurich for string-instruments and pianos, and together with the Kunsthaus and the Schauspielhaus it represented a cultural hotspot of the city. In June 2017 Jecklin&Co. had to vacate the house. The new owner of the company, the Musik-Hug-Group, wanted to concentrate the business at their headquarters on Limmatquai.

At this time, the future of the Jecklin-House is unclear. More than sixty musicians from Zurich and the rest of Switzerland as well as other amateurs of culture have appealed to the owners and to the authorities of the city to work out a follow up solution that would live up to the cultural significance of the place. We dare hope that in this context our school too might find a permanent residence at the Pfauen.