Master class in Menton

From the 30th of July to the 5th of August 2018, the ZBSM held its third master class at the 69th Menton Music Festival on the Côte d'Azur. 15 students from all over the world took part and performed at several concerts.

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The young violin talents came from the USA, China, Russia, Romania, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland. They were taught by the leading pedagogue of the Zakhar Bron School of Music Liana Tretiakova and two top-class guest teachers: Professor Boris Garlitsky, who studied together with Zakhar Bron in Moscow in the 1970s, and world famous soloist Sayaka Shoji, one of the most successful students of Professor Bron from Japan. For the first time, the course also included a violin ensemble project.

During the week of the Masterclass all the participants received five to seven lessons (these two study plans were left to students’ choice), and gave three concerts. Two performances took place at the openair stage at the Place des États-Unis. These parc concerts are free for the public and extremely popular by the Menton audiences. The concerts were led respectively by Liana Tretiakova and Professor Garlitsky, who performed Vivaldi and Bach concertos in duo with some of the participants.

The most exciting concert, which concluded the intense study week and gave our students a chance to share the stage with international violin star Sayaka Shoji, took place at the Cocteau Museum, within the chamber music series of the 69th Menton Music Festival.

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But the most memorable part of the Masterclass for the participants and their parents were the lessons.

Most of the international students (Louis and Elle from the US, 5 years old Iris from Romania, Renee from China, Gleb from Russia, and also the younger students of ZBSM Nina, Vlada and Ben) chose to take lessons with Liana Tretiakova, who has the knowledge and the method to work with young violinists from the first steps to the most advanced stages. In one week all her students made a huge progress in their development and presented themselves brilliantly at the Parc Concert.

Older and more advanced students of the masterclass (all students of Liana Tretiakova’s studio at ZBSM: Aurora, Marc, Moe, Sophie, Ilva; a young promising violinist from Torino Flavia Napoletano and a talented musician from Luxembourg Isabel Kruithof) were studying only with the guest Professors, polishing their mastering of the instrument.

Garlitsky, who teaches at the National Conservatory in Paris and the University of the Arts in Essen, has a tremendous experience as a music teacher and was convincing with his clear didactic line. He taught the first four days and then gave a great concert with his students at the Place des États-Unis.

Sayaka Shoji, who rarely works as a teacher, taught in the second half of the week and perfectly complemented Professor Garlitsky’s lessons. Her students enjoyed the sound of her Stradivarius and benefited enormously from Shoji’s colorful experiences as a soloist with the most renowned orchestras in the world. At the closing concert which took place on August 5th at the Cocteau Museum, the honor to perform next to Sayaka was given to two students of the Zakhar Bron School of Music in Zurich: Ilva Eigus and Sophie Branson, and also the ensemble of violinists, which united the voices of all the masterclass participants, from big to small.
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