Three of our students have entered the K+S Gymnasium

Alexandra Taub (violin), Benjamin Branson (cello) and Mila Kovári (piano) successfully passed the entrance examination to the Kunst und Sport Gymnasium Rämibühl Zürich in March this year.

Every year five or six music students are accepted to the K+S Gymnasium, probably the most prestigious middle school for music education in Switzerland. It means that this year 50%-60% of the music students accepted to the K+S are from the Zakhar Bron School of Music, which given the very small number of students we have in Zurich (around 60 for the time being), is a very good result!

We are pleased to note that this year, of the three ZBSM students who sat the entrance examination to the K+S Gymnasium, all three passed successfully, meaning we have an acceptance rate of 100% this year! A point of interest is that the students come from all three departments of our school: violin, cello and piano.

This has been possible thanks to the incredible efforts of both our teachers and the students over several years: Alexandra has been studying violin in the studio of Liana Tretiakova for seven years; Benjamin started learning to play cello at the age of five and joined the studio of Matthieu Gutbub as soon as he started working as our cello teacher; and Mila joined the studio of our piano teacher Maria Anikina four years ago and has been her student since.

Our heartfelt congratulations to our students and their teachers: entering the K+S Gymnasium is a very important step on the long journey of a professional musician!