Ilva Eigus on a theater stage

With her performances on violin and piano, Ilva Eigus has contributed to the success of the theatre production “GIFT” (“POISON”) in the Helfereitheater, Zurich.

Between October 25 and November 10, 2017, Ilva went on stage eleven times in the theater play “GIFT” (Director: Hans Strub). Exploring a new genre (and even acting as Mozart’s sister Nannerl) has not only been an exercise in stage presence, but a great opportunity for Ilva to develop her understanding in performing the solo cadenzas in Mozart’s violin concerto. “Last but not least”, wrote the Altstadtkurier paper, the visit of Mozart’s family in Zurich in 1776 occurring in the play, “… gave the ten year old violinist Ilva Eigus an opportunity to prove her stupendous technical and musical mastery in a magnificent performance of solo cadenzas for Mozart’s violin concert in B-flat major”.