Ilva Eigus leads a chamber orchestra with Mozart’s 1st

Congratulations to 10 year old Ilva Eigus for her brilliant and effortless performance of Mozart's 1st violin concerto with the Collegium Cantorum Orchestra.

This became Ilva’s first experience of leading a chamber orchestra without a conductor (Artistic Director: Thomas Ineichen). Ilva has been invited by the Foundation for Musically Gifted Youth (Stiftung zur Förderung musikalisch begabter Kinder und Jugendlicher) to perform at the closing gala of the foundation in Stadthaus Uster on November 5th, 2017.

Despite her young age of ten years, Ilva has already appeared with chamber music and symphony orchestras several times, but the performance of a Mozart concerto is a very special, almost mysterious challenge for every musician. Only very few performers are able to sense the lightness and filigrane delicacy which invariably characterize Mozart’s music. Almost effortlessly, however, Ilva managed to capture Mozart’s style and to unfold its lyrical qualities through the outstanding virtuosity and transparency of her performance. The young violinist has thought up her own tale of singing blackbirds, running across the entire Mozart concert.

With her natural imitation of spring birds twittering Ilva enchanted the hearts of her audience and the orchestra musicians alike, who rose to applaud the young artist enthusiastically.

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