Five prizes won at the Rising Stars competition

Four young violinists of the Zakhar Bron School of Music – Kimia Corke, Vlada Sabella, Sophie Gringolts and Tania Filimonova – won five prizes at the Rising Stars international competition in Riga (Latvia) this month: four prizes in the violin solo and one prize in the chamber music category.

The annual international music competition ‘Rising Stars’ took place in the old city of Riga, the capital of Latvia, in the beginning of March. Since 2016, this has been the third time when our students competed in it. However unlike the previous two times – when there was only one contestant from the ZBSM, this time there were several violinists accompanied by a collaborating young cellist Theofania Archontopoulou.

The young musicians competed in the violin solo and chamber music categories and won the following prizes:

  • Kimia Corke (12 y.o., student of Liana Tretiakova): 1st prize, violin solo
  • String Trio Amabile: 1st prize, chamber music
  • Vlada Sabella (12 y.o., student of Liana Tretiakova): 2nd prize, violin solo
  • Tania Filimonova (10 y.o., student of Inna Khriplovich): 3rd prize, violin solo
  • Sophie Gringolts (10 y.o., student of Liana Tretiakova): 3rd prize, violin solo

Thanks to the brilliant performance of the trio, apart from the first prize it was also invited to perform at the competition gala-concert in the historical building of the Small Guild – the Neo-Gothic style masterpiece built in the middle of the XIX century. Here are the names of the trio musicians: Tania Filimonova, Sophie Gringolts and Theofania Archontopoulou (9 y.o., cello).

For our students Vlada and Sophie the ‘Rising Stars 2023’ was the first international competition they have participated in, and for the debut the results are very good. In this regard, we would very much like to highlight Sophie Gringolts, who debuted in the international competition in two different categories at once – violin solo and chamber music, and won prizes in both of them!

Our heartfelt congratulations to the prize-winners, their parents and their teachers! We would also like to say a very special thank you to our violin teacher Inna Khriplovich, who prepared the prize-winning trio, went to Riga with the musicians and supported, guided and motivated them all these days!

P.S. At the ‘Rising Stars 2016’ and ‘Rising Stars 2020’ first prizes in the violin solo category were won by our young violinists Ilva Eigus and Sophie Branson (both students of Liana Tretiakova) respectively.

Photo credit: Mahbiz Nohabar Corke