Concert in Tashkent

On October 28th, 2016, Aurora Gächter (10) and Ilva Eigus (9) performed with the State Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan in the concert hall of the State Conservatory.

This was the opening concert of the International Festival Golden Autumn, frequented by musicians from all over the world. Aurora’s and Ilva’s renderings of Henri Vieuxtemps left a deep impression through their virtuosity and brilliance.

This was Ilva’s second experience of performing with an orchestra, after a debut with Dimitry Kabalevsky’s concerto with the Pskov Symphony orchestra in 2015. She played Ballade and Polonaise by Vieuxtemps. The performance in Tashkent was Aurora’s orchestra debut. She played Vieuxtemps’ Fantasia and Appassionata – a highly demanding violin repertoire, rarely performed at such a young age. The public appreciated both performances with standing ovations. Aurora and Ilva were awarded honorary certificates by the Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan as special thanks for their participation in the festival.

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