Eleven students of the ZBSM performed at the “Young Soloists” concert

On Saturday June 10th, 2017, eleven young violin and piano students of the Zakhar Bron School of Music participated in an annual concert "Young Soloists", which took place at the Zurich Theatre Stok.

Taking part in concerts is an important, invaluable experience for a young musician.

Pedagogues of the Zakhar Bron School of Music understand it very well and this is why concerts of various level are organised all the time: from chamber concerts at the Montessori Schools and churches to concerts with symphony and chamber orchestras and performances at very prestigious venues around the world, such as Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and Congress House in Zurich.

The “Young Soloists”-concert was rather a chamber event. Around a hundred people gathered at the cosy hall of this unique theatre and created a friendly, almost homely atmosphere. The program of the concert was extensive, but compact at the same time: in less than an hour and a half the eleven best students of the school had a chance to perform.

Parents of the young musicians and Zurich music lovers enjoyed beautiful classical music in a unique interpretation: not every day one can hear pieces of Bach, Chopin and Prokofiev performed by children aged six to twelve, but performed so well, that even grown up listeners cannot hold their tears! This is the level of performance that is cultivated in the Zakhar Bron School of Music, founded by the unsurpassed violin pedagogue.

An interesting fact: this was already a third concert of the Zakhar Bron School of Music in the first ten days of June. The first two concerts took place on June 2nd and 3rd in Moscow, at the Beethoven Hall of the Bolshoi Theatre and at the Museum of Russian Impressionism. Aurora Gaechter, one of the most talented young violinists of our school, performed there on the invitation of the Charity Foundation of Vladimir Spivakov (after her debut in Moscow Aurora also appeared at the concert in the Theatre Stok in Zurich).

For some children participation in this concert was a finishing point (sometimes it takes months to prepare a student for a performance in such a concert). But for the young violinist Sophie Branson this concert was just a stepping stone. On the next day 10 year old Sophie travelled to Italy with her mother and her teacher Liana Tretiakova in order to participate in the competition Premio di Padova where she won the first prize.

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