Concert at the Cocteau Museum

On the 5th of August 2018 in the series «Concerts au Musée» of the 69th Menton Music Festival, Sayaka Shoji, two students of ZBSM and ensemble of violinists gave a highly acclaimed concert at the Cocteau Museum. It was the conclusion and highlight of third year's edition master class.

11 years old Ilva Eigus had the honor to open the concert with Mozart’s Sonata in G major (KV 301). The public rewarded Ilva with warm reception for the clarity of the Mozart’s sound combined with the elegance and simplicity of her interpretation.

12 years old Sophie Branson presented Sarasate’s Introduction and Tarantella, and was very convincing with the beautiful colors and the outstanding virtuosity of this piece, written by the “Spanish Paganini”.

The warm and deep sound of the ensemble of violinists became a discovery for the Menton Public. Our ensemble united the young soloists from all over the world: Ilva Eigus (Latvia), Nina Gringolts and Marc Senn (Switzerland), Elle Cho and Louis Watson (USA), Sophie Branson (Great Britain).

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Accompanied by Maria Anikina on piano and Liana Tretiakova, the small string orchestra delighted the audience with the Three Pieces by Shostakovich, which they had rehearsed together during the Masterclass week.The appreciation of the audience was so strong that the young musicians were not allowed to leave the stage for a long time!

Sayaka Shoji concluded the concert with Schumann’s Sonata in A minor, op. 105 and Six Romanian Folk Dances by Bartok.

The highest imaginable mastery of the violin, combined with the mature and deep interpretation of the pieces performed, left every member of the audience deeply moved.

For our young soloists such a performance will serve as a guiding light for years to come and for the Menton music lovers it was simply a beautiful musical present from the famous Japanese violinist and the Zakhar Bron School of Music.