The 1st prize at the Cantonal Baroque Competition won by the ZBSM student

Our violin student Kimia Corke has just won the 1st prize at the first edition of the Cantonal Conservatory Baroque Competition which was held in Sion on 6 February.

Kimia Corke is only nine years old and she is a student of Liana Tretiakova. To have her violin lessons with Liana, Kimia has to travel to Zurich all the way from Geneva, which is quite unusual for music schools in Switzerland. She and her parents believe that Liana is the best violin teacher they can have in this country, and if it takes a few hours by train to have the lessons, so be it!

The Cantonal Baroque Competition in Sion was the first traditional, live, in-person competition where Kimia participated in 2021, and we are very proud of her fantastic result: the 1st prize in the category Instrument/Singing Solo I. There were 24 participants in this category, and the Jury awarded Kimia the maximum number of points (25/25).

Two members of the Jury gave the following comments on Kimia’s performance:

“A very big BRAVO to Kimia! What a beautiful energy! Superb articulations and mastery of the bow. Thank you for this beautiful moment!” (1st member of Jury) and

“Bravo for your beautiful poise, your energy, the accuracy and the good projection of your sound. The few trills were very well done, there were nuances, rhythm, and your way of moving with the music was integrated and adequate and gave an extra touch of elegance to your magnificent performance!” (2nd member of Jury)

In the competition Kimia performed the Violin Concerto in A minor by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Our heartfelt congratulations to the prize-winner, her teacher and her parents! Well done!