16 ZBSM prize-winners at SYMC-2023

Sixteen our violin, piano and cello students won eight first prizes (including four with distinction), one second and one third prize in chamber music and solo categories at the Swiss Youth Music Competition Entrada Classica last week.

During the last three days the most important event for the young classical Swiss musicians took place all over the country: the first round of the Swiss Youth Music Competition – Entrada Classica. Hundreds of young talents have competed in Arbon, Basel, Bern, Morges, Neuchatel, Steinhausen and Winterthur. Each town has chosen the regional winners. The first prize winners from all seven towns will meet again at the competition finale in Lugano in the middle of May, where the best of the best will be selected.

New Arts Trio

For the ZBSM students Entrada turned out to be super-successful, better than ever before! Three ZBSM ensembles were successful the most: all three were awarded 1st prizes with distinction – the highest possible recognition at this level! Five our duos did really great too: one 1st prize with distinction, three 1st prizes and one 2nd prize. Finally, in the piano solo category our students won one 1st prize and one 3rd prize.


Here are the names of the prize-winners:

  • 1st prize with distinction: Nikita Koller (violin), Ephraim Taub (cello, former ZBSM student) and Katya Gringolts (piano) – also known as the New Arts Trio
  • 1st prize with distinction: Tania Filimonova (violin), Sophie Gringolts (violin) and Theofania Archontopoulou (cello) – a.k.a. Trio Amabile
  • 1st prize with distinction: Lyam Chenaux (cello), Raphaël Bollengier (piano, non-ZBSM) and Juan José Pena Aguirre (violin, non-ZBSM) – a.k.a. Bastet Trio
  • 1st prize with distinction: violin duo of Lena-Lisa Rosa and Aurea Wang
  • 1st prize: duo of Tania Filimonova (violin) and Nikita Sabella (piano)
  • 1st prize: duo of Ilva Eigus (violin) and Romy Umseld (piano, non-ZBSM)
  • 1st prize: violin duo of Alexandra Taub and Nina Gringolts
  • 1st prize: Mila Kovári, piano solo
  • 2nd prize: duo of Samuel Bernardis (piano) and Marco Bernardis (violin)
  • 3rd prize: Viktoria Jung, piano solo

Bastet Trio

Congratulations to the winners, their parents and their teachers: Inna Khriplovich (violin), Anica Vieru (violin), Liana Tretiakova (violin), Payam Taghadossi (cello), Denis Severin (cello), Tatiana Samoylova (piano), Dominic Chamot (piano) and Rafael Lipstein (piano). Bravo to all of you! And let’s keep our fingers crossed for the finale!!!

In the picture on the top of the page: Mila Kovári, who won the only 1st prize in Winterthur in the piano solo category in her age group – despite a high number of contestants.