10 first prizes won by our students in the finale of the SYMC-2023

Ten first prizes and four second prizes were won by our students in the finale of the Swiss Youth Music Competition which took place at the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland in Lugano in the middle of May.

We are very happy for our students who’ve probably had the most successful finale of the Swiss Youth Music Competition in the school history so far: our young violinists, pianists and cellists have won ten first prizes (including three with distinction) and four second prizes in chamber music and piano solo categories. Here are the names of the ten 1st prize winners:

  1. Nikita Koller, violin, trio NewArts (with distinction)
  2. Katya Gringolts, piano, trio NewArts (with distinction)
  3. Ilva Eigus, violin, duo Ilva & Romy (with distinction)
  4. Milla Kovári, piano (solo)
  5. Nina Gringolts, violin, Nina Sasha Duo
  6. Alexandra Taub, violin, Nina Sasha Duo
  7. Tatjana Filimonova, violin, trio Amabile
  8. Sophie Gringolts, violin, trio Amabile
  9. Theofania Archontopoulou, cello, trio Amabile
  10. Lyam Chenaux, cello, Bastet trio

Four second prizes were won by Tatjana Filimonova (violin) and Nikita Sabella (piano) – also known as ‘Tatjana & Nikita’ duo, and Lena-Lisa Rosa (violin) and Aurea Wang (violin) – also known as ‘Spiccato’ duo – in the chamber music category.

After the finale, the award-winning trio NewArts and duo Ilva & Romy performed at the competition gala-concert.

As usually, our heartfelt congratulations to the prize-winners, their parents and their teachers: Liana Tretiakova (violin), Inna Khriplovich (violin), Anica Vieru (violin), Rafael Lipstein (piano), Dominic Chamot (piano), Tatiana Samoylova (piano), Payam Taghadossi (cello) and Denis Severin (cello). Bravo!!!

We’d also like to use this opportunity to thank Inna Khriplovich – for preparing the award-winning trio Amabile; and Rafael Lipstein and Payam Taghadossi – for preparing the NewArts trio, who won the first prize with distinction.

Finally, one more – very special – thank you goes to our leading piano teacher Rafael Lipstein, who did incredible job on bringing Milla Kovári’s piano skills to the next level, which resulted in the 1st prize in the piano solo category in the competition finale.