Emanuel David Reinhardt

Emanuel was born in 2006 in Switzerland into a music loving family. He started learning to play violin at the age of six with his grandmother and joined the studio of Liana Tretiakova at the Zakhar Bron School of Music in 2020.

The Reinhardt family has been fond of music for generations, and almost every family member plays a music instrument. For example, Emanuel’s grand-grandmother was a professional vocalist and used to play piano every day until she turned 90 years old. From the moment of birth young Emanuel was surrounded by acoustic and electric guitars, a saxophone, a piano and a violin – which was played by his grandmother.

Among all the other music instruments, Emanuel was attracted to the violin the most. And when his grandmother noticed that the interest had a potential, she invited him to go to a violin lesson together with her. This is how it all began, and for the next six months little Emanuel was attending the violin lessons together with his grandmother: half each lesson was given to the grandmother and the other half – to her grandson.

At the age of seven Emanuel started to have individual regular lessons with a local violin teacher, and this continued for a few years to come. In 2020 Emanuel and his mother applied for tuition at the Zakhar Bron School of Music and joined the studio of Liana Tretiakova, the leading violin teacher of the school.

Even though it takes two hours one way to get to the school from the canton Graubünden – where Emanuel lives, both he and his mother are very happy to be a part of the school and to study violin there.